Biden Criticizes Border Patrol, Says Things Were Better When He Was Riding The Range

President Joe Biden has been extremely critical of Border Patrol officers for actually patrolling the border, and also for the excessive use of horse.  “It’s outrageous, the President said.  “I promise you, these people will pay”.

“When me and Corn Pop were ridin’ the range, doing righteous work and campaigning for Senate, we never did stuff like that.  No siree Bob, we were kinder, gentler cowboys ---err, cowpersons.”

Biden then broke into song, despite the best efforts of his handlers, and offered up a rendition of the Gene Autry classic “Back In The Saddle Again”.  He got as far as “…toting my old .44…” (shocking the Democrats present) before his staff was able to throttle the microphone.  One attendee described the President’s voice as “So-so.  Kinda like a tired piece of sandpaper calling to its mate.”

When last seen, President Biden was heading for a local petting zoo, with the avowed intention of roping a rabbit.