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As of:  August 16, 2022

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The Boys of Pointe du Hoc

The Boys of Pointe du Hoc

June 6, 2022:

June 6, 1944, was D-Day, “the largest amphibious invasion in history since King Xerxes’s 480 b.c. combined sea and land descent into Greece,” as Victor Davis Hanson has noted. The Allied effort to free Western Europe from Nazi subjugation began on the beaches of Normandy, stormed by thousands of brave soldiers, many of whom perished in the act. It was ultimately successful, though that success was no sure thing; not for nothing did Dwight Eisenhower, then Supreme Allied Commander, prepare a speech in the event of its failure.

Forty years later, Ronald Reagan became the first president to speak at Normandy. To honor the occasion more broadly, Reagan chose to focus on “the boys of Pointe du Hoc,” choosing the “lonely windswept point on the northern shores of France” as both the setting and the main subject of his address. This redoubt was of great significance to the day’s fighting.

Please use the link above to see the complete article by Jack Butler of National Review.

Canada’s Military Advised to Go Woke

May 28, 2022  Mark Milke of National Review

A recent report on Canada’s military is the most unserious, illiberal, anti-religious, bigoted piece of policy tripe to emerge from any NATO ally anywhere on the planet.

After Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine in February and its war on the same ever since, you would think that Western policy-makers would grasp how critical it is to ensure that our militaries are well-funded, well-equipped, and ready to defend our allies in NATO — just in case.

The United States, the United Kingdom, and other selected allies including the Baltic republics and Poland have grasped this; even neutral Finland and pacifist Sweden want to now join NATO in response to Russian aggression. Meanwhile in Canada? The military is being told to go “woke.”

A Canadian military report released a few weeks ago alleges that Canada’s military is shot through with “systemic” racism. It’s a typical claim from the woke Left that sees racism everywhere and gives it as a monocausal explanation for nearly every ill and observed disparity. This new report follows that path. It’s obvious in the title and subtitle, which is an accusation in addition to being verbose: “Minister of National Defence Advisory Panel on Systemic Racism and Discrimination, Final Report: With a focus on Anti-Indigenous and Anti-Black Racism, LGBTQ2+ Prejudice, Gender Bias, and White Supremacy.”

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Stuart Sheller Gives 'Em Hell

August 1, 2022  Douglas Andrews of Patriot Post

The former Marine Corps lieutenant colonel was relieved of his command last year, but that hasn’t stopped him from speaking out.

“The American military,” said former Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Stuart Scheller in a recent op-ed in Human Events, “is currently led by senior general officers lacking moral courage.”

Also, see my article on the failure of the Pentagon and the Biden administration to deal with those responsible for the debacle in Afghanistan in August, 2021.

‘Woke’ Military Policies to Blame for Recruitment Crisis, Service Members Say

August 14/16, 2022  --  J.M Phelps, The Epoch Times

The U.S. Army is expected to fall nearly 40,000 troops short of its recruiting goals over the next two years. Fiscal year 2022 is expected to miss the mark by 10,000 troops, while the number in fiscal year 2023 could reach 28,000. Those figures mean that this year is on track to be the Army’s worst recruiting year in almost 50 years.

The Army plans to circumvent the problem by offering $1 billion for its recruiting program and placing more emphasis on the use of its reserve units.

The Epoch Times reached out to the U.S. Army Recruiting Command for comment, and Maj. Charles Spears of the Combined Arms Center replied to various inquiries about the state of recruiting. Spears offered several reasons for the Army’s recruiting challenges in the years ahead.

The article is lengthy, and many had to speak anonymously.  It's clear that our military is in trouble.  What is particularly depressing is that this seems to be on purpose.  "Whom the gods would destroy they first make mad".